Monday, February 04, 2008

Support the Berkeley Marines

Here’s the address for the recruiting station:

United States Marine Corps Recruiting

64 Shattuck Square

Berkeley, CA 94704

Also a word of advice from CJ over at A Soldier’s Perspective:

Make sure you put someone on the envelope something like
“We Support You” so they realize it isn’t junk mail. Tell them not to
cave to idiotic policies and hold strong. These guys have taken beaches
and islands, I think they can handle Berkeley!! Please don’t call the
Station as these Marines are very busy and need their phone lines free
to find more patriotic Americans to become “the Few and the Proud”.


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Ryan said...

This may be a little different than the sorts of adversity the Marines are trained to put up with, but it's true-they're standing strong and totally unphased. We spoke to Capt. Lund (who runs the office) a couple of days ago and he says they're getting their business done and everything's prretty normal as far as he's concerned.

Here at, though, we're going into high gear collecting online signatures for a petition we'll hand deliver to the next council meeting on the 12th. Please drop by the website, and, if you can, the meeting.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending them flowers for Valentines Day.