Monday, May 19, 2008


Over the weekend, Senator Kennedy was taken to the hospital. The Senator had suffered a seizure. Apparently, Senator Kennedy will recover. Good for him.

On Saturday, CNN was all torn up over the fact the family had thought he had suffered a stroke, so they called 911 [which is precisely what they should do]. The EMT's arrived and took him to the Cape Cod Hospital. He was then flown to Mass. General Hospital in Boston.
The family later released a statement that he had had a seizure.
CNN was focused on 'Why did the family think it was a stroke when it was a seizure?' CNN even asked a doctor to explain the family's mistake......WHAT A GHOULISH WAY TO REPORT THIS STORY.

Some folks spent Saturday, hoping this was the end for Senator Kennedy.
I am 100% opposed to his politics but will not wish him ill. I wish he would retire from politics.
Wishing him ill, only makes him and by extension all liberals victims of 'rightwing hate'.
Simply ignore the story, if you wish him ill, wait until we know whether this is a grave illness or not before attacking a man while he is down.

No matter what you think of his politics,
Senator Kennedy is a human being, he is not sub-human, no person is sub-human.
Never treat any person as 'sub-human'. It does not matter what their religion, politics, or job.

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