Saturday, October 11, 2008

Democrats vs Republicans: On Gas Prices

hat tip: Powerline Blog

This chart was put together by Republican whip Roy Blunt illustrating the vast differences between Republicans’ and Democrats’ ideas to lower gas prices.

The Democrats think that the way to lower prices is to raise taxes - How Stupid Is That!
Dear Democrats:

If you raise taxes, the oil companies will simply pass the additional tax cost along to the consumer by raising prices.

If we increase the supply of oil by drilling in the United States and off-shore of the United States, this will lower the price of gasoline.
If we allow new refineries in the United States - this would also lower the price of gasoline.

Republicans are intelligent enough to understand this.


SBVOR said...

If you care to, click the link and spread the word.

Anonymous said...

This is quite possible the stupidest piece I have seen on the subject.

If Carter administration policies had not been gutted by Reagan, we would have energy independence today.

Simple supply and demand dictates that reductin of demand will decrease prices. By taxing gas use and using revenues for alternative energy development, we can provide a disincentive to use gas, while funding technologies to reduce consumption.

But most republicans are too greedy to tolerate any increase in taxes. They would rather sacrifice the entire economy than part with single penny today.

Republicans are self-righteous, short-sighted, ignorant, greed motivated morons.

Anonymous said...

Dear too Ashamed to leave your name,

Socialism is a failed policy, it has failed everywhere it has been attempted.
The Democrats answer to everything is raise taxes - That is socialism.
The central government is not wiser than the people.