Monday, March 13, 2006

Censure the President for Defending the USA

Article 2 of the US Constitution grants broad powers to the President.
The Authorization of Military Force in 2001 and again 2003 - has Congress authorizing the President to use all force.

The NSA program of monitoring possible terrorist communication between a person in the US and a person outside the US.
Is legal. (Innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.)
And has been closely monitored by the FISA Court and the 'Gang of 8' on Capital Hill.

Plus, most Americans support the program.

Senator Feingold's action will only serve to 'get out the Republican vote in November'.
This action serves notice that elections matter.
This action shows that Democrats only want to play politics.
This action highlights that President Bush is willing to go the distance to defend America.

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