Monday, May 08, 2006

Here we go again.

Websters would have you believe that domestic means it stays within the borders of one country, and international means it involves two or more countries.
However, the media uses a different dictionary. One that defines a phone call from New York to Islamabad as a domestic call.

The NSA Program of monitoring international (as defined by Webster) calls from/to suspected terrorists is a legal program. A program with Congressional and Federal court oversight. A program which has been modified to meet objections raised by the FISA Court.

This will be an entertaining confirmation hearing for General Hayden. The man who used his authority to start this NSA Program. A man who acted to prevent more attacks on US soil.

To watch the Democrats assail a man who acted, using the authority he had to actively prevent more attacks, this will be fun.

To watch the Democrats destory themselves by arguing that taking action to protect this country on one own's initative is bad, that he should have waited for specific approval from congress after public debate....

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