Thursday, May 11, 2006


The USA Today has bad timing.
Why bring up this supposed database of phone records?
Yesterday, the President took a beating over the Mexican control of the US Border Patrol. A story which has not been extensively covered in the MSM. But, I guess that the MSM is happy with the Mexican influence on US Border policy and actions. I suppose that the MSM and Democrats are pleased that the US government monitors US citizens and reports to the Mexican government.
If your goal is the impeachment of President Bush, this story of Mexican control of the US Border Patrol is the ticket.
If the NSA is tracking all phone calls in the USA, analysing calling patterns for possible terrorist activity, this is a good thing - considering that a foreign government controls our border.
Americans are pleased that Bush has aggressively tracked terrorists.
Advise to the President..
move the Mexicans out of the US Border Patrol offices - NOW.
build wall/fence on southern border. - NOW.
AFTER wall is built - then work with Congress to decide about those illegals who are already here.
Tell the NSA - good job - continue the effective programs.

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