Tuesday, June 06, 2006

60 odd years ago

1942 - Midway Island, North Pacific Ocean -

The 'over-matched' and 'out-gunned' US Fleet, defeated Imperial Japan's attempt to take Midway Island. The keys to this battle was that the US Fleet found the enemy first, and when our co-ordinated attacked failed to happen our torpedo bombers went in alone and unprotected against the Japanese Fleet.

1944 - Normandy, France

The largest invasion force in recorded history, attacked the beaches of France. Thousands of men, who faced certain death, went in and did their duty. The Airborne forces who landed behind the lines, disorganized and scattered, but still managed to accomplish the vital missions, the coxswains, who made repeated trips thru the murderous fire to bring more men and supplies ashore, the destroyer Captains who risked beaching their ships inorder to bring their 5 inch guns to bear on the German artilliary, the infantrymen who ran into the murderous fire to secure the beach, the medics who patched the men under fire, the Rangers who scaled the cliffs, the pilots who provided close air support.

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