Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Re: Slander of US Marines

Mr Baker,
I see via Milblogs, I am aware of the article that ran in the Sunday Times, " Wrong Target" .
I see that you clearly understand this war on terror. I see that you understand how the reputation of your paper depends upon each and every article.
I apologize for my earlier harsh words, written in anger. 
As stated in the article "Wrong Target"
Better than most, Muslims understand why Islamist terrorism is war at its unholiest, an existential threat to societies. Iraqis may resent occupation, but they fear a weakening of US resolve. Their fears should be ours. Were it to become politically impossible for a president to keep America's forces engaged from its shores, then the backbone of international security would be broken. America-bashing may be a popular sport, but its adherents prefer not to contemplate its consequences.
The biggest fear of the Iraqis is a too hasty withdrawal of US and British troops. This was also noted by a US Marine in Iraq.
Please accept this apology.

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