Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Today's the day to Celebrate Freedom

Today is the day to celebrate Freedom..

But Israel is not free from fear of Palestinian attack.

But China does allow free speech, nor does Europe with the many EU restrictions on speech.

Many people of the world are not free from want, they are hungry and suffering while their leaders are bloated and fat.

Islamic nations do not allow freedom of religion, Islam is the only religion with the death penalty for converting from it.

The US Military and the British Military are fighting to extend freedom to Iraq.
NATO is fighting to support the free government of Afganistan.

To volunteer to risk your life,
so that a total stranger,
who doesn't speak the same langauge,
Whose culture is very different,
can be free to choose their own path in life......
That is what our soldiers have done.
G-d bless Them

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