Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Don't quit when you are winning!

The President and the Republicans in Congress have failed on several counts - border/immigration control, reducing the size of the federal government - but read the list of accomplishments:

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  • Comment by LC HOGHEAD
  • If you are like me, youre getting way past tired of President Bush being blamed for everything including yesterdays thunderstorm, and getting NO CREDIT for any accomplishments. To set the record straight, I give you a PARTIAL list of the presidents accomplishments.Please feel free to pass it on !!!!!!!!

    On Judges alone Bush and the GOP have done more for the Conservative movement then all the pseudos Conservative squealing pigs EVER will do. This list does NOT include the Fence Bill, the Detainee bill NOR the pending NSA Spy bill. It is a list of what Bush and the GOP have got done.

    Abortion & Traditional Values

    1. Banned Partial Birth Abortion � by far the most significant roll-back of abortion on demand since Roe v. Wade.
    8. Requires states to conduct criminal background checks on prospective foster and adoptive parents.


    Budget, Taxes & Economy

    1. Signed two income tax cuts, one of which was the largest dollar-value tax cut in world history.
    2. Supports permanent elimination of the death tax.
    3. Turned around an inherited economy that was in recession, and deeply shocked as a result of the 9/11 attacks.

    Character & Conduct as President

    1. Changed the tone in the White House, restoring HONOR and DIGNITY to the presidency. \

    Education & Employment Training

    1. Signed the No Child Left Behind Act, delivering the most dramatic education reforms in a generation (challenging the soft bigotry of low expectations). The very liberal California Teachers union is currently running radio ads against the accountability provisions of this Act.

    Environment & Energy

    1. Killed the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty.

    6. Part of national forests cleanup: Restricted judicial challenges (based on the Endangered Species Act and other challenges), and removed the need for an Environmental Impact Statement before removing fuels/logging to reduce fire danger.


    Defense & Foreign Policy

    1. Successfully executed two wars in the aftermath of 9/11/01: Afghanistan and Iraq. 50 million people who had lived under tyrannical regimes now live in freedom.

    3. Leader by leader and member by member, al Qaida is being hunted down in dozens of countries around the world. Of the senior al Qaida leaders, operational managers, and key facilitators the U.S. Government has been tracking, nearly two-thirds have been taken into custody or killed. The detentions or deaths of senior al Qaida leaders, including Khalid Shaykh Muhammad, the mastermind of 9/11, and Muhammad Atef, Osama bin Laden's second-in-command until his death in late 2001, have been important in the War on Terror.
    4. Disarmed Libya of its chemical, nuclear and biological WMD's without bribes or bloodshed.
    5. Continues to execute the War On Terror, getting worldwide cooperation to track funds/terrorists. Has cut off much of the terrorists' funding, and captured or killed many key leaders of the al Qaeda network.

    7. Killed the old US/Soviet Union ABM Treaty that was preventing the U.S. from deploying our ABM defenses.
    8. Has been one of the strongest, if not THE strongest friend Israel has ever hand in the U.S. presidency.

    13. Prohibited putting U.S. troops under U.N. command.

    5. Told the Congress and the world, "America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country."

    Homeland Security, Border Enforcement & Immigration

    1. *See Government Reform above. Under President Bush's leadership, America has made an unprecedented commitment to homeland security.
    2. Has CONSTRUCTION in process on the first 10 ABM silos in Alaska so that America will have a defense against North Korean nukes. Has ordered national and theater ballistic missile defenses to be deployed by 2004.
    Judiciary & Tort Reform

    1. Is urging federal liability reform to eliminate frivolous lawsuits.
    2. Killed the liberal ABA's unconstitutional role in vetting federal judges. The Senate is supposed to advise and consent, not the ABA.
    3. Is nominating strong, conservative judges to the judiciary.
    4. Supports class action reform bill which limits lawyer fees so that more settlement money goes to victims.


    1. His leadership resulted in Republican gains in the House and Senate, solidifying Republican control of both houses of Congress and the presidency.

    2. Signed an EO enforcing the Supreme Court's Beck decision regarding union dues being used for political campaigns against individual's wishes.

    Traditional Values, Compassion & Volunteerism

    1. Endorses and promotes "The Responsibility Era." President Bush often speaks of the necessity of personal responsibility and civic volunteerism. He said, "In a compassionate society, people respect one another and take responsibility for the decisions they make in life. My hope is to change the culture from one that has said, if it feels good, do it; if you've got a problem, blame somebody else � to one in which every single American understands that he or she is responsible for the decisions that you make; you're responsible for loving your children with all your heart and all your soul; you're responsible for being involved with the quality of the education of your children; you're responsible for making sure the community in which you live is safe; you're responsible for loving your neighbor, just like you would like to be loved yourself."
    9. Heeding the words of our own Declaration of Independence, the president laid out the non-negotiable demands of human dignity for all people everywhere. On January 29, 2002, he said, "No nation owns these aspirations, and no nation is exempt from them. We have no intention of imposing our culture. But America will always stand firm for the non-negotiable demands of human dignity." As stated by the President, they are a virtual manifesto of conservative principles:

    * Equal Justice
    * Freedom of Speech
    * Limited Government Power
    * Private Property Rights
    * Religious Tolerance
    * Respect for Women
    * Rule of Law

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