Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Don't Surrender to Dhimmicrats

As spineless as the Republicans have been...

Democrats want to repeal all of Bush's Tax Cuts so they can spend even more than the Republicans. [Note the record Tax Revunues generated by an expanding economy which was created by the Bush Tax Cuts.]

Democrats want to 'cut and run' from Iraq. They want the terrorists to win, so they can claim victory over President Bush. [Things are dicey in Iraq, but we are succeeding. And if the US stays, the Iraq people will succeed.]

Democrats want to treat terrorism as a law enforcement problem. Wait till after the attack to investigate and track down the terrorists. [We are currently tracking down terrorists before they can strike again.]

Democrats complain that we are going it alone in Iraq, ignoring the many other nations who have and are helping the Iraqi people. Democrats complain that we didn't go it alone with North Korea. [Hmmm, should we completely delegate our foriegn policy to the UN?]

Democrats want to impeach President Bush as revenge for the impeachment of President Clinton. [Who had sex with a White House intern in the Oval Office, and then lied about it. Sorry, that was just his personal business...But when a Republican Congressman has improper communication with former Congressional pages, a congressman who resigned, who was sending these disgusting messages to former pages, these actions did not violate the law or House rules]

Republicans may be bad, but Democrats are worse.
Tis a sad state of affairs,
Who do you trust to protect your family?
Who do you trust to protect the economy?

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