Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Race Baiting in NYC

via Michelle Malkin.

>From Heather MacDonald, City Journal

"No, the Cops Didn't Murder Sean Bell
And here's what decent black advocates would say.
4 December 2006
New York's anti-cop forces have roared back to life, thanks to a fatal police shooting of an unarmed man a week ago. The press is once again fawning over Al Sharpton, Herbert Daughtry, Charles Barron, and sundry other hate-mongers in and out of city government as they accuse the police of widespread mistreatment of blacks and issue barely veiled threats of riots if they do not get "justice."
1. "Stop the killing!" Since 1993, 11,353 people have been murdered in New York City. The large majority of victims and perpetrators have been black. Not a single one of those black-on-black killings has prompted protest or demonstrations from the city's black advocates. Sharpton, Barron, et al. are happy to let thousands of black victims get mowed down by thugs without so much as a whispered call for "peace" or "justice"; it's only when a police officer, trying to protect the public, makes a good faith mistake in a moment of intense pressure that they rise as vindicators of black life. (As for caring about slain police officers, forget about it. Sixteen cops-including several black policemen-have been killed since 1999, not one of whom elicited a public demonstration of condolence from the race hustlers.)
3. "The police work every day to save lives." If New York City murders had remained at their early 1990s highs, instead of dropping from 1,927 killings in 1993 to 540 in 2005, 13,698 more people-most of them black and Hispanic-would have been dead by last year. They are alive today thanks to the relentless efforts of the NYPD to bring the same level of safety to poor minority neighborhoods as to Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side.
After showing up in New York for his time in the Sean Bell spotlight, Jesse Jackson announced: "Our criminal-justice system has broken down for black Americans and young black males. We've marched and marched, bled too profusely, and died too young. We must draw a line in the sand and fight back." "

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The so-called civil rights leaders, Jackson and Sharpton, only want to be in the spotlight, They don't try to improve the minority nieghborhoods. They ignore 'black on black' crime, cause they must blame 'whitey'.
This problem starts in the homes, are the children raised to take responsibility for their own actions? No, they are trained to avoid their responsibility. (This also happens in rich, white families.)
Will Jackson and Sharpton ever address this? Will they ever place the responsibility on the minority youth and hold them accountable for their actions? I doubt it.
Jackson and Sharpton will continue to erode the authority/ability of the police to protect the innocent whenever an opportunity arises for Jackson and Sharpton to grab the spotlight.
I guess American police should simply stop enforcing the law in minority areas and allow 'black on black' crime to go unchecked.. No, they can not. American police work hard to protect the innocent in all areas.

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