Friday, January 19, 2007

Barak Obama

Barak Obama
Was born a Muslim, started school in a Muslim nation at a Muslim school..
His family moved to America.
He finished his education in American schools.
He nows attends a Christian Church.

Muslims will consider him an apostate.
Muslims will offer Obama a chance to return to the true faith (Islam).
If he does not return to Islam -
Muslims would be required to kill him on sight.
If he does return to Islam -
Will America be able to follow him?


Anonymous said...

me again.

Get your facts straight about Obama before you go blathering on about Muslims, etc.

Geesh, do you get your thinking spoonfed to you by the mainstream media?

Thkn for yourself man... or did they train that out of you in the kiddie corps?

Marvin said...

Barack Obama's father is a Muslim. Fact.

Barack Obama attended a Muslim school in a Muslim Country. Fact.

According to the Koran, Muslim fathers are to raise their children as Muslims. Fact.

Barak Obama now attends a Christian Church. Fact.

Many Muslim consider Barak Obama to be an Apostate, because of the above facts.
According to the Koran, he is to be offerred a chance to return to Islam. Fact
Acording to the Koran, if he does not return to Islam, he is to be killed. Fact.

The mainstream media has not reported the above facts. The MSM is refusing to discuss this situation.