Saturday, January 20, 2007

Update on Senator Johnson

Statement from the Office of Senator Johnson

Friday, January 19, 2007

Washington, DC—U.S. Senator Tim Johnson's (D-SD) progress continues as he has been working with parallel bars and participating in speech therapy, including naming objects. Just yesterday, he had his tracheostomy removed. Johnson is making consistent progress in his recovery, however, it is anticipated that his rehabilitation will take several months.

"Senator Johnson is participating in approximately three hours of physical, occupational and speech therapy a day in our in-patient rehabilitation unit," says Philip Marion, MD, Division Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the George Washington University Hospital. "His program includes strengthening exercises to gain mobility on his right side."

"Our family is delighted with Tim's progress. He develops more skills each day and typically exceeds the goals that others set for him. It is obvious to us that his personal goal is complete recovery and he is working hard to make that happen. We know that he continues to be supported in his efforts by the prayers of South Dakotans and many others," said Barb Johnson, wife of Senator Johnson.

Get Well, Senator.

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