Friday, January 26, 2007

Does anyone in Congress care?

This is the question asked by Oliver North.

This is from North's column on

A military officer, who has served in Iraq, said this to Mr North:
"These politicians who think we can win a war by committee. Do they even know that in the last two weeks we have set AQI (Al Qaeda in Iraq) and the Mahdi Army both back on their heels?" he answered. I was silent, so he continued, "Is there anyone in Washington who understands what this means? AQI terrorists are running like rats out of Ramadi. And the Mahdi Army is being cleaned out of Baghdad. Do they know how much harder all this rhetoric makes our job?"
Does Congress even care about how their pompous actions harm our troops in the field?
NO, Most members of Congress, didn't care about how their words and actions cause harm.
Most of the elected officials on Capital Hill only care about their latest poll numbers.
Actual concern about the people of this country, no.
Actual concern about how their words and actions support the Islamofacists. none.

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Kevin W. said...

I think they care, I just think they're delusional as to how their actions actually affect the world.