Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why Support the War

Freedom of Speech
- The cornerstone of Western Civilization
- Freedom of Speech * DOES NOT * exist in Islam
- Dissent is NOT ALLOWED in Islam

Freedom of Worship
- A basic tenet of Western Civilization
- Freedom of Worship is FORBIDDEN in Islam
- Under Islamic Law, you must worship Allah or DIE
- Under Shari'a Law, you can convert to Islam, But You CANNOT convert from Islam

Freedom from Want
- Western Civilization strives to provide equal opportunity to succeed for all.
- The poorest people in the world live under Islam
- And despite charity being one of the five tenets of Islam, the poor are ignored by Islam

Freedom from Fear
- Western Civilization works to protect the innocent
- Islam targets the innocent men, women, and children.

Treatment of Women
- Women are equal under Western Civilized Law
- Women are considered property under Islamic Law

The War in Iraq is one front in the War Against Islamic Terrorists
- This is simply a continuation of the War Between Christians and Muslims which started when the (False) Prophet Mohammad (Pigs Be Upon Him) founded the Islamic faith.
- Islam has always been spread by the sword.
- Islam demands the death of any who convert from the 'true faith'.

The United States must remain in Iraq until the Iraqis are strong enough to protect themselves from the murderous Islamic Militants who currently dominate Islam.

The United States must fight Militant Muslims wherever and whenever they appear, until Islam is either eliminated completely from the face of the Earth or until Islam truly reforms and matures into a peaceful religion.

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