Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Move America Forward Caravan in Atlanta

The Move America Forward Caravan was in Atlanta this morning and I was one of about one hundred folks who attended their rally in front of the CNN Building.
The Caravan is underway to join the Gathering of Eagles in Washington DC on Saturday March 17th to stand guard over our memorials.

The scene at 7:30 am, rally scheduled to start at 8 am.

The media was there. THANK YOU.

A cute kid was there, waving her flag in and around the Patriot Riders.

Bill Greene, a candidate for the the open Congressional seat of the late Charlie Norwood, was there. I hope he wins the special election on June 19th.

The media was there, but there are no stories online about this event.

I was hoping to see more people there. But I am glad that there are 100 folks who did show.

Surrender is not an option.
Victory can and will be achieved,
if the American People stay strong.

The choice is clear,
defeat the Islamic Mass-Murdering Terrorists over there
or fight them in the streets of America.

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