Thursday, May 17, 2007

Attempted Rules Change in the House

Speaker Pelosi is attempting to silence the Republicans in the House. She desires absolute control of the House. She doesn't want the minority party to have a say.

The Motion to Recommit rule has been on the books and unchanged since 1822.   The Rules Committee website says
“The motion to recommit is the prerogative of the Minority party.” 
Thomas Jefferson prepared a rules manual for his own use as President
of the Senate, and the House still uses it for guidance.   At the
beginning of Jefferson's Manual he quotes the Speaker of the House of
Commons from 1728 to 1761:

was a maxim he had often heard when he was a young man, from old and
experienced Members, that nothing tended more to throw power into the
hands of administration, and those who acted with the majority of the
House of Commons, than a neglect of, or departure from, the rules of
proceeding; that these forms, as instituted by our ancestors, operated
as a check and control on the actions of the majority, and that they
were, in many instances, a shelter and protection to the minority,
against the attempts of power."

rules of the House are there to protect the Minority from the tyranny
of the Majority.  But Nancy Pelosi is in charge now, and the Rules are
being eliminated.  You do the math.

Comrade Speaker Pelosi wants no opposition to her will. None.   

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