Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fox News: Intelligence suggests missing soldiers are alive

from Hot Air

U.S. aircraft dropped leaflets Wednesday in a thinly populated farming area south of Baghdad, offering a $200,000 reward for any information on three missing American soldiers believed captured by Al Qaeda terrorists.

The new search tactic came as a senior U.S. military official in Baghdad told FOX News there was reason to believe the missing GIs were still alive. The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, would only say the assessment was based on intelligence.

Damn, it's hard to type with crossed fingers.

I'm still praying for them.

Iraqslogger had reported this a few days ago:

The “source” told the newspaper that the attack took place in Shwaisha, 30 kilometers west of Mahmudiya. The US troops were riding two Humvee vehicles, stationed on a bridge over the Euphrates River, the source – who spoke under the condition of anonymity – said.

The attack occurred while the US patrol was “exchanging its position with a replacement patrol,” the source claimed. An armed group, which al-Hayat did not identify, attacked the US troops with mortar shells, causing the death of 5 soldiers, while the remaining three “fled to an unknown location.”

The source added that it is still unknown whether the missing soldiers were captured by the same group that attacked their patrol…

What is notable in the al-Hayat report is that the security source affirmed that the three soldiers were “missing and not captured;” adding that “al-Qa’ida is “claiming a victory for itself that it did not achieve.”

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