Monday, July 16, 2007

Hitler's Lesson; Learned by Islamics

Islamic fanatics have learned from Hitler. They use terror, assassination to push their murderous rule.
Islamic fanatics do not yet have a state, but they are working hard to capture one (Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Gaza, Phillipines).
Islamic fanatics inspired by Osama Bin Laden are working to take control of the entire world. They want to impose 'Taliban' rule on the world.
We, the free people, must defeat them, now.
We, the free people, must fight them - anyplace, anytime they show their ugly face.
We, the free people, must utterly defeat the Islamic Fanatics.

We must not retreat, redeploy, pull back from this fight. We must continue to apply unrelenting pressure on the Islamic Fanatics.
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Texas Truth said...

Your post could not be truer. They will attempt to conquer us from within and make the majority afraid to leave out home.

I have always thought we should be fighting this was as we did in WW2. Acts of force should always be answered with more severe acts of force.

Negotiation, tolerance, and understanding should NEVER be the way to fight a war.
Only one side can win. It is either them or us, and by gosh, I do not what it to be them.

People had better get their head out of the sand or soon they may not have a head on their shoulders.