Monday, September 03, 2007

It is still early

the Presidential Election is in November


that is 14 months from now.

We are still early in this presidential cycle.
MILFORD, NH -- Labor Day is, to be sure, an artificial dividing point
for American politics. It’s not as if voters who were uninterested
Friday suddenly become, on Tuesday, voluminous consumers of
information. But somehow it’s become a custom to believe that, before
Labor Day, it’s “early.” After Labor Day, it’s – real time. Before
Labor Day, campaigns test messages; after Labor Day, they’ve settled on
one. A message, basically, is a reason. It’s a reason dressed up in the
stale language of politics – “change,” “hope,” “meeting challenges”
“stand up” – but somewhere in there, an argument about a reason lurks.

Wrong Labor Day -- You are one year, three hundred sixty five (365) days, early!

The 'message' from Democrats will change over the next 14 months, as they sail the political winds.

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