Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Thank You, Jimmy Carter (WorstPresidentEver)

Notice how many leaders of today’s Iran are from the 1979 embassy hostage takers?
The latest one is now running the IRGC.

If we have just stormed in and reclaimed our embassy instead of sitting in the White House - scared sh!tless..

Iran would have a different and most likely more moderate set of leaders today.

But Thanks to Jimmy Carter, we have a radical Iran which is threatening the entire world with nuclear terrorism.

First, Jimmy Carter helped overthrow the Shah -- because of human rights abuses,
replaced by hard line Islamic leaders, who continued the human rights abuses.

Then, Jimmy sat in the White House - too terrified to act with military force, but allowing our troops to enter Iran, before he chickened out....

If Jimmy had just simply told the military to get them out, NOW, I don't care how much of Tehran is flattened in the process....

The entire world would have been too scared to harm another American..

But no, Jimmy was the laughingstock of the world....

Thanks, Jimmy

Think of all the lives lost because you could not make a decision.

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