Monday, November 05, 2007

Truth Hurts

The Real Story Behind the Falling Casualty Rate in Iraq
from Daily Kos by Brandon Friedman <>

Simply put, the answer is no. The surge is not working and George W.
Bush and Frederick Kagan were not right. Despite what right-wing blogs
are saying, and despite what conservative observers are noting,
the plunge in violence is actually the result of an Iraqi political
decision made by and implemented by Iraqis—and the drop has little to
do with the "surge"—an infusion of 30,000 troops (which wouldn’t fill a
Major League stadium) into Baghdad, a city of six million people.

"the plunge in violence is actually the result of an Iraqi political decision.."
George Bush and the US Military made it possible for the Iraqi people to make their own decisions.

The 'surge', with its new tactics, has made Iraq a much safer place. The US ARMY and the USMC has worked with the IRAQI ARMY and IRAQI POLICE, and created the conditions in which Iraq has a chance for lasting terror-free peace.

The liberals in this country, who are the best friends of terrorists, need to accept the fact, that George Bush has succeeded in Iraq.

The 30,000 additional troops were required to initiate this new strategy. With these troops, who are now based in small outposts, the US Military has made a better connection to the Iraqi people. And the Iraqis have now throw the terrorists out. The Iraqis have stopped harboring terrorists, because they have learned to trust the US Military.

If the liberals could only put aside their blind hatred of George Bush, and see reality, then maybe they would support the troops by donating to Project Valour-IT.

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