Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wimps, total crying Wimps

at Baylor University, Texas

"We've yet to add cleaning paraphernalia to the list of banned items, '
Dr. Traber continued, 'but in the light of recent events it would be
prudent to disallow such cleaning kits on campus as students, faculty,
and staff members might get the wrong idea about our zero-tolerance
program with regards to guns. Our psych professors are in agreement
that the very sight of a cleaning swab or even worse, the presence of
an empty shell, could very well send the more sensitive students into
shock whereby they could harm themselves while frantically fleeing from
an unattended cartridge case that in and of itself does most assuredly
bespeak violence and death."

Teach those 'sensitive people'
how to think for themselves.
how to look objectively at an inanimate object and know that it can not hurt them.
how to objectively evaluate their situation.

"Gun Free Zones" do not protect you from criminals/insane people.
A responsible law-abiding gun owner, can and will.

Learn your history

It was colonials with their personal rifles who outlasted the professional British Army to create this great nation.

It was the Union Army, with their rifles, who freed the slaves.

It was the US Armed Forces who have defended freedom around the globe.

Your right to Free Speech is protected by your Right to Bear Arms.

An armed man is a Free Citizen.
An unarmed man is a Subject.

The City of Kennesaw, Georgia has required its homeowners to own a firearm for over 20 years.
FACT: There have been no deaths by firearms in Kennesaw since that law was enacted.

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