Friday, December 21, 2007

Fred Thompson: The Only Adult Running for President

All the other candidates willing play childish games on the campaign trail, not Fred - He is an adult and he is campaigning like an adult.

Fred Thompson is not running for class president, prom king, or frat president, he is running for President of the United States.

Being President of the United States is a serious responsibility, and unlike Bill Clinton who treated the office as a joke, Fred Thompson will bear the responsibility seriously.

Hillary Clinton is a Socialist who only wants power for herself, she wants to be the dictator, because she is smarter than us.

Mitt Rommey is a pandering fool.

Barack Obama is an empty suit with an empty head, who has no respect for this nation.

Rudy Guilliani is a RINO, like John McCain.

John Edwards is a self-absorbed fool.

Ron Paul is out of touch with reality.

Fred Thompson is the only candidate who will not twist in the winds of polling.
Fred will lead, not follow.

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1 comment:

Texas Truth said...

I agree. Thompson may be the best choice, but I do not know if he can get the majority behind him.

Remember, most of the voters are mindless sleep who lose interest after a 30-second sound bite.