Friday, December 21, 2007

Islam: The official Religion of the UN

The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution against the "defamation of religions', especially Islam.

What makes the UN resolution different from the EU’s initiatives — and
what probably caused some European countries to vote against it — is
that the UN version mentions Islam as a specially protected religion.
No other religion is specified in it. The United Nations now makes it
Islam has been elevated above other religions, and has effectively become the established religion at the UN.

Islam violates the UN Human Rights Charter...By imposing a Death Sentence on those who leave Islam.
Islam violates the UN Human Rights Charter...By its harsh treatment of women, especially by treating women as chattel.
Islamic Nations allow no freedom for their people.
Islamic Nations do not allow the practice of other religions..another violation of the UN Charter.

The United States needs to withdraw from the UN.
The United States needs to expel the UN from our territory.

Islam is a Death Cult, that actively supports terrorism.
Islam encourages the mass murder on innocent men, women, and children.

Islam is intent upon destroying civilization, and replacing it with barbaric chaos.

The United States of America is the defender of civilization, of freedom, of liberty, of human rights.

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