Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Well, the Democrat Nomination Derby is over, the fat lady in the pantsuit is singing the blues.

A narrow win in Indiana vs a big loss in North Carolina, the filly loses the derby.

The only question that remains is: Will the party shoot the filly or will the filly shoot the party?

Senator Clinton's only chance now is getting the Michigan (oops, I forgot to remove my name.) and Florida (oops, CNN ran that ad nationally.) delegates seated at the convention.

Because the media will return to ignoring Senator Barack Hussein Obama's ties to Islam -- oops I mean his ties to the Muslim-- oops, I meant former Muslim, Rev. Wright.

So, the Democrats have chosen an inexperienced candidate who Hamas wants elected President.

But, then their other choice was an inexperienced candidate who is married to an impeached and disbarred former President.

Question: Will America be better off with a lawyer as President or with a former Naval Officer, who refused special treatment from his captors and endured torture instead?

Me, I'll take the former Naval Officer, who is a liberal Republican vs a lawyer.

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Texas Truth said...

Yes, he is a liberal Republican. That is the best we can do against the liebral Democrats.

When did is become unfashionable to be a conservative? I guess I missed that memo.