Monday, June 12, 2006

Military crimes

Haditha vs Desertion

The case against 1st LT. Ehren Watada is cut and dried.
He did not obey his orders to deploy with his unit to Iraq.
His failure to travel with his unit combined with his public statements, should get him a date with a General Courts Martial.
He is guilty of violating several articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, by simply missing the flight to Iraq, the question is how serious were these violations.
I hope the Army does not allow him to resign in lieu of courts-martial.

The case in Haditha is not cut and dried.
The Iraqi doctor said one thing in the autopsy report.
The Marines have stated a different thing.
The Iraqi civilians did not make a fuss about this incident until Rep Murhta convicted them without an investigation.
The Navy has criminal investigators working the case.
The Marines are investigating the reporting by the commanders involved.
The 'leaks' from each of these sources indicate conflicting stories.
Time has posted several corrections to its story..mostly related to the source of the story, who was grossly misidentified in the original reports.
I'll wait for the investigations to be completed. I'll allow the Marines their 'due process' even if rep. Murtha will not.

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