Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Palestinian Landmine on the Beach

The Israeli Defense Force believes that the explosion that killed seven members of a Palestinian family on a Gaza beach did not come from Israeli guns. After analyzing the shrapnel taken from the bodies of the dead and reviewing the records of their assault on the Palestinian firing position, the IDF suspects that the explosion came from a buried device meant to discourage an Israeli invasion:

But of course the world's press is blaming the Israeli Army..Because the Palestinians never target children. And the World's media is never going to listen to or read the report from the Israeli Army.

The summary by Captain Ed is directly to the point.

Even if it turns out to be an errant IDF shell, we need to remember that the Israelis do not target civilians for attack as a matter of policy, while their enemies do. Their enemies hide among civilians before, during, and after their attacks in order to goad the IDF into taking shots that might kill civilians. The entire theme of outrage from Hamas in this regard is nothing short of laughable. They endorsed the bombing of a falafel stand in Tel Aviv that killed three times as many Israeli civilians two months ago.

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