Monday, March 26, 2007

My Day: Bad News, Good News

The BAD news:
Today was my last day at - what was - my primary employer. I have been laid-off. We were formally notified that the company had lost the contract last May, and we had suffered thru 2 years of contract negotiation before that. So, this was not a surprise. Since, I had 16 years with them, my package is 26 weeks of pay.
I still have my other job. A part-time retail job, which hopefully will become full-time, while I search for another 'primary' or hopefully 'only' job.

The GOOD, I mean GREAT news:
My one and only child, has been accepted (unofficially) at New York University (NYU)!!! The kid's desire has been to go to college in NYC. The kid is bursting at the seams. My in-laws live in NYC - so the kid gets college in the same town as the grandparents. [Official acceptance letters are sent March 31st.]

How do we afford to send the kid to NYU?????

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