Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Reuters: Bias Report

By David Morgan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Foreign troops deployed in Afghanistan are
beginning to draw the resentment of Afghans fed up with growing
civilian casualties and the lack of material progress in their lives,
experts say.

Resentment has posed special problems in the south, where villagers
who have suffered from Western military firepower have responded to the
Taliban's call to arms against foreign troops and the government of
President Hamid Karzai, the experts said.

David - just who are these 'experts' and what is their 'expertise'? Are they Islamic militants?, Democrats?, United Nations staff?,

Just who are these experts - you refuse to name in the openning paragraphs of your report.

An honest journalist would have named their expert source, the first time they cite the source.

Ahh!! the third paragraph ids one source:

"There is growing resentment because of the kinds of military
operations that have been carried out, not because of the international
troop presence," Samina Ahmed, South Asia project director for
International Crisis Group think tank, said this week in an interview

The seventh paragraph does show some balance:

Pentagon and NATO officials cited opinion polls, however, that show a
large majority of Afghans favoring foreign troops and only a small
fraction of support for the Taliban.

on page 2 - online:

But David Edwards, a U.S. anthropologist regarded as an expert on
the origins of the Taliban, said reconstruction has been overshadowed
by rampant corruption, meager international donations and poverty in a
country where the unemployment rate is about 40 percent.

Resentment against the lack of material progress in theirs lives...has caused some Afghans to accept a paycheck from the Taliban.

But opinion polls show that the Afghan people accept the need for the NATO Troops to be in Afghanistan - Because the Afghans know the horror of living under Taliban rule.

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